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Remediation Systems

Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) is an established in-situ remediation technology useful for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from subsurface soils in the vadose zone.

Patriot Environmental Management utilizes a complete SVE remediation trailer that can be connected to an existing or newly installed extraction well network. Our SVE system components include a 2-horsepower RotronĀ® regenerative blower, a vertical 40-gallon primary air/water separator and a heat exchanger. The system can be easily supplemented with other remedial components such as additional manifold connections, granular activated carbon canisters, oxidizers and sampling ports. The system is powered by an explosion-proof 230-volt electrical control panel and can be set to operate for specified time periods. The system is mounted inside an enclosed trailer with appropriate connections to limit setup time and is useful for sites with limited space or access.